Blue Island Sea Moss Gel

Blue Island Sea Moss Gel

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This beautiful Blue Island Sea Moss Gel,  gives you all of your 92 minerals that your body needs and much more!
*strengthening bones
*stimulates blood circulation
*detoxifies the whole body
*blood pressure
*natural aphrodisiac
*increased energy and nutrition
*disease recovery
*healthy skin
*strengthening of joints and connective tissues
*soothing the digestive track
*increased thyroid health
*may help prevent cancer
*strengthening of immune system
*nourishes skin- prevents skin from bruising
*improves eyesight and night vision
*treats eye infections
*treats urinary problems
*weight loss 
*relieves respiratory problems
*boost mental health
*radiation poisoning 
*recovery from cancer
*may help protect the liver
*boost brain function
*digestive support
*strengthens hair for healthy hair growth
*provides antioxidants
*may promote heart health
*slows aging process

To Use: 1 to 2 tablespoon daily: straight up, add to smoothies, soup, and desserts

Ingredients: Organic Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss, Butterfly Pea Flower Powder, Matcha Green Tea, and Kangan Alkaline Water

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