Bladderwrack Sea Moss Gel
Bladderwrack Sea Moss Gel

Bladderwrack Sea Moss Gel

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Our Bladderwrack Sea Moss Gel is wildcrafted and cold pressed to retain all of the 102 minerals that your body needs!  It is a natural source of collagen and natural thickener.
Loaded with potassium, iodine, nutrients
Thyroid support
Boost immunity
Detoxifies the body
Collagen boost
Hair growth
Antimicrobial & antiviral
Removes mucus
Fights the signs of aging
Bone health
Excellent source of calcium & protein
Vitamins C,B, B12, K and A
Ideal for healthy skin
Supports healthy brain function
And much more!

To Use: 1 to 2 tablespoon daily: straight up, add to smoothies, soup, desserts, hair, drinks, and even apply a teaspoon on your face for a face mask ( wash with warm water after 20 mins).

Ingredients: Organic Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, and Kangan Alkaline Water